5-Axis Machining

Principle Axis Method

Principle Axis Method is a technique for machining curved surfaces that are encountered in molds, dies and other engineering objects. The basic idea stems from the observation that when a cylinder that models a flat end milling cutter, is moved horizontally it machines a flat surface, however, if the axis of the cylinder is inclined than the same movement results in a curved surface. The radius of curvature of the surface depends on the inclination of the axis to the surface. This observation extends to radiused end mills as well. In PAM the relationship between inclination and curvature is determined. This relationship is used to calculate the inclination and the direction of inclination at all points along a tool path, from the principle curvature of the surface.

The PAM has been tested on numerous surfaces. The method is easy to implement but must be checked for gouging. The machining experiments show that tool paths created using the PAM are upto 80% shorter than 3-axis tool paths. This however, is the upper bound as not all surfaces of a part can be machined using 5-axis methods.

The publication that describe the method in detail are given below:

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