ME 548 Numerical Control of Machine Tools, Fall 2018
University of Waterloo, Department of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

Course Instructor: Professor Kaan Erkorkmaz (EC4-1013)
Teaching Assistant: Hessam Kalbasi (EC4-1012D)
Project Assistance: Jim Baleshta (MasterCAM), Robert Wagner (NC Machining) (DC-1705), Jason Benninger (NC Machining)
Lecture Hours: CPH - 3679, Tue: 02:30 - 04:30 pm; CPH - 3679, Thu: 10:30 - 11:30 am
Laboratory: Lever Lab (E2 - 1306), CIM Lab (DC - 1709). Precision Controls Lab (DC - 1708).
Lab projects will require the use of MasterCAM, MachPRO, MCOSMOS, MATLAB, NC programming, and machining.


  • Please check regularly for updates and announcements.
  • There will be a help session on Thursday, November 29th from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm in CPH 3679.

    Lab 3 submission deadline has been extended to Friday, November 30th at 5:00 pm. There will not be any further extension.

    Lab 1 timeline:

    Oct 18: Industrial guest lecture on 5-axis machining

    Lab 2 timeline:

    Lab 3 timeline:

    Matlab Downloads

  • CNC contouring demo (link)
  • Shear angle analysis (link)
  • Lead/lag controller demo (link)
  • Handouts:

    Welcome to ME 548. This course aims to provide students with a background in the operating principles of CNC machine tools, NC part programming, CAD/CAM software, mechanics of metal cutting operations (such as turning, milling, and drilling), and the dynamic behavior of machine tools under the influence of cutting forces originating from the machining process.


    Course Outline:

    1. Technology of Manufacturing Automation (~12 hr):

      Project 1 (18%): CNC Programming, Machining and CMM Inspection of a Shield
      MACHpro: Manual, Project files.
      CMM: Manual, STEP file.
    2. Every student will design a part with their own engraving in MasterCAM, automatically generate the NC code, optimize it using MachPRO, and machine their part on a three-axis CNC milling machine. Afterwards, they will write a CMM inspection program and use the CMM to measure the errors in their part.

    3. Mechanics of Metal Cutting (~12 hr)

      Project 2 (10%): Measurement and simulation of cutting forces in milling
      Matlab: Project 2 files
    4. Students will measure actual cutting forces during a milling operation using a dynamometer. They will also write a program to simulate the machining forces and compare their simulations to the experimental results.

    5. Static and Dynamic Deformations in Machining (~11 hr)

      Project 3 (7%): Modal testing and analysis of a linear motion stage.
      Modal Testing: Manual ,Matlab File ,Report Template
      Student Setup: Assembly Instructions
    6. Students will measure the accelerance frequency response function (FRF) of a linear motion stage at 5 different points. They will identify modal parameters for 3 modes using the 'Peak Picking' method. They will also sketch the mode shapes.

    Marking Scheme:

    Final (%45), Midterm (%20), Laboratory projects (%35). Project reports need to be prepared as individual work and submitted on time. Academic integrity is expected of all students. Offenses, including plagiarism, will not be tolerated. For further information, please see: 10% reduction per day will be applied to late submissions.


    ME 262, ME 360 or MTE 360.