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ME 597/739 - Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Course Description

This course will introduce students to a variety of autonomous mobile robots, but concentrate on wheeled robots. In particular students will build, experiment with and compete with the mini-sumo MARK III robots. Topics to be covered include robot platforms & modelling, control structures, sensing & estimation, localization, motion planning and multi-robot systems.


Nov 26, 2005

The mini sumo robot competition will be held in class. For some additional rules that are new to this year's competition, see the mini sumo page.


Nov 2, 2005

As stated in class, the exam will be in class on Nov. 9th. It will last 2 to 2.5 hours (TBD). Last year's exam is posted on the lectures web page. Note that not all material covered last year has been covered this year, and you will not be responsible for that material not covered.


Oct 24, 2005

For question 2 on assignment 2. There is some ambiguity on the direction of the camera and laser. The laser is pointed directly at the wall (i.e. the laser is perpendicular to the wall). The camera is facing the wall, pointed down at an angle of 30 degrees. Thus if viewed from above, both the camera and laser appear perpendicular to the wall. If viewed from a side profile, the laser is perpendicular, but the camera is 30 degrees off horizontal.


Oct 24, 2005

Class, this friday's lecture is confirmed to be at a later time:

DWE 2536


Oct 22, 2005

I am proposing the following changes to this coming weeks schedule:

1. Wednesday's lecture will cover the line fitting to a wall, this should help with your lab. Also, I will provide more information on covariance. This year's class is not as prepared on the subject (not your fault), and I think it is worthwhile to make sure everyone understands.

2. The lab will be due on Friday instead of Wednesday. Please slide a hardcopy under my office door by the end of the day.

3. On Friday, I will have an extra lecture to introduce you to Markov localization and particle filters. The lecture will be 2-3, and I will book a classroom this week (details to come). Please advise if there is a conflict with another class.

4. Assignment is still due on Wednesday. Please ask for help if you need it.

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Oct 10, 2005

I will have Office hours on Tuesday this week, from 2-3. My office is E3-4106 (north end of E3).

Oct 10, 2005

For Assignment 1, the omni-directional wheel in question 3 is not powered (i.e. not controlled). For the last question, the figures do not need to be exactly as they appear in the text. Different gains or time steps will alter the shape slightly. Also, some symmetries allow the curve to be reflected. Note that robots should not have to perform a rotation of more than 180 degrees throughout the trajectory.

Sept 1, 2005

Last year the course was launched with great success. It had a high approval rating, despite the heavy workload. This year the workload will be reduced. Last year's first annual ME 597 Mini-Sumo Robot competition was also a great success. The competitors demonstrated some fierce competition, but one team rose to the top... (See more)


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